Nathanel Goldman

Linda Sannesmoen: the Norwegian influencer who wants to change the world

Nathanel Goldman
Linda Sannesmoen: the Norwegian influencer who wants to change the world

Linda Sannesmoen is the Norwegian influencer who wants to change the world. She wants to inspire people to a more healthy, happy and climate smart lifestyle.

linda sannesmoen

Hey Linda! So nice talking to you! Tell us about yourself? 
I'm Linda - a Norwegian lifestyle influencer living in NYC. I'm a healthy hedonist and sustainable living advocate. A wannabe vegan, holistic mama and impact entrepreneur. At @lindalike I promote healthy and sustainable choices for people and planet. 

My way to become an influencer? If you blend a master in social science with working as a model, writer, fitness instructor, change maker and marketing manager - my profile would be a likely outcome. 

The love of my life is a likeminded entrepreneur, we raise our kids in a home full of ideas and joy of building; lego, each other, texts, brands, companies and a better world.

Is living in NYC better than Norway? 
For me, right now, the answer is yes. In NYC I live in the epicentre of health- and green living trends. Every day my inbox is full of invites to try out new fitness studios, green concepts and eco products. 

Vegan slaughterhouses and juiceries are everywhere. New fusions of fitness classes and wellness concepts are popping up around the blocks. Natural and ethical beauty is hot, so is local produce - and slow fashion. 

Living in NYC has also reduced my carbon footprint. I’m car free, I scooter to everything, or use the subway. I shop package free local and seasonal food. I rent outfits with bicycle delivery at my door. Vegan meals are accessible, affordable and available for takeout or delivery at every corner. 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live where I feel most alive. I love the adrenaline pumping in the streets of New York, the eternal flow of people, power and passion. Being surrounded by the intensity of this city I sense the best feeling of them all; that everything is possible. 


Tell us about your projects? 
I have a passion for making things better. To influence, upgrade, develop, build and improve: little people, myself, brands, business concepts, our world.

My latest impact project is called FairPair. I started it when I got to know that one billion people are visually impaired in our world today. This means that 15% of the worlds population cannot effectively learn, or work. FairPair is a response to this problem, funded on a simple idea: buy a pair, give a pair. So when you a buy a @fair_pair, we will donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Twice as nice, right? 

You talk a lot about health. Why, and what is health for you? 
I grew up on a farm in Norway with lots of fresh air, local food and playing in the woods. So being active, close to nature and eating local, real food are values that have stayed with me ever since.

When I was 17 and a gymnast, I had a traumatic neck injury, ending with a diagnosis of being 4% lifelong invalid. Years of back pain and headaches followed. I lost my health and with it, a big part of myself. 

The recovering process redirected my life. I learned that health for me is the most important requisite for happiness. I started @lindalike with a mission to inspire and empower people to make healthy and sustainable choices for themselves, others and our planet.

What is the most important issue today to deal with you think? 
Global warming and climate change. The warnings has been very clear, for very long. We know why, we know how, and we know what will happen. We have entered a time of consequences. Still, we do way too little. The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

And how could we solve all this?  
The solution is in our habits. Transitioning towards healthy diets from sustainable production, could provide relief from some of the most pressing environmental and public health challenges we are facing today. A huge food transformation is needed. It starts with us, and what we choose to eat. 

Last week I attended the launch of the new global planetary health diet, at the UN headquarter in NYC. For the first time in history we have a full scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system. The EAT Lancet report tells us what to eat and how to change our food system.

This report fills me with tons of optimism! I highly recommend reading it, as it provides us with the insight and motivation we need to take new steps towards a better future. 

linda sannesmoen

What stands in the way of change?  
Climate change denial. I live in a country where even the President is neglecting the scientific proved global warming. 

The next hinder is that people is underestimating their power to make a change. If we all make small sustainable steps, our future can be so much greener and better. One day, I want to look my grand children in the eyes and say: Yes, I understood what was happening to our planet, and I did everything I could to change it.

What do you wish from this coming year? 
I wish to see a huge wave - a tsunami - of awareness, consciousness and responsibility for our planet. An awakening where people understand the the power is in us. We vote for our future with every choice we make. Let’s care about what we buy, how its made and what its made of. Let’s support people with a mission, products with a good cause, brands with a purpose and companies that gives back. Let’s eat less meat and more plants.  

I wish to contribute to this awakening and inspire people to do what they can, with what they have. It is not about perfection. It’s about making better choices. 

Where would you recommend a Swede to visit in Norway? 
The mountain village of Beitostølen. It is my happy place. I go there to unwind anytime I can. Hiking or skiing in the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen gives me peace in mind. A glass of wine by the fireplace after. Heaven on earth.

A favourite quote to leave us with? 
One voice can change the room. Then it can change a city. It can change a state. It can change a nation. It can change the world. Your voice can change the world.

linda sannesmoen

Namn: Linda Sannesmoen
Age: 38
Instagram: @lindalike
Inspiring people: Gunnhild Stordalen (EAT), Lauren Singer (zero waste movement)
Inspiring project: EAT Foundation 
Inspiring brand: Ecoalf (making clothes from materials upcycled from the ocean)